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“Fear robs you of the present moment, it robs you of the connection with yourself and your environment"

Anxiety. Anyone who has had to deal with this recognizes it all too well. The tension in the body, the physical sensations. Palpitations, sweaty palms, alertness, but also mental complaints such as obstructive thoughts or the feeling that everything is too much. That you can't handle life. Some will feel frozen, others always restless.

Through my own experience with this I know exactly how overwhelming it can all be. The fear of the fear, not knowing when it will stop. During my studies to become a massage therapist, I studied this topic and wrote my thesis about it. I can tell you from my own experience that there is a path to walk without fear. A path to more connection with yourself and the world around you.

This is the path of the body

Image by Paola Chaaya

How does your body work?

  • 80% of the information goes from your body and nervous system to your brain and only 20% vice versa, from your brain to your body

  • The brain is good at integrating information and creating a complete frame of reference

  • The brain creates the framework and thoughts heavily based on past experiences
  • If those experiences contain many situations in which your body did not feel safe, heard or seen, the frame of reference will contain a lot of uncertainty and alertness, which will affect the feedback mechanism of experiences and behavior.
  • Constant alertness tells your body and nervous system to stay alert and to not relax
  • This ultimately causes your body and nervous system to remain in fear and the safe signals from your body are no longer recognized

What can help?

We need to let our bodies experience, not tell, that we are safe. We do this by going back to our physical sensations and noticing them. We let the body feel what is safe. As a result, we change the frame of reference from 'unsafe' to 'safe'. In this way, the body and nervous system can slowly but surely be regulated and we can return to our natural state. That is why body-oriented therapy works so beautifully. Ultimately, we change step by step how we experience the world, our frame of reference. This way we ensure that we can relax when we want to. That we have more energy, can experience more creativity and that joy and pleasure for life can return.

Would you like to experience this?


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