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"Every moment is a new encounter with yourself"

Massage therapy is the combination of holistic bodywork and (psycho)therapy. It is aimed at consciously feeling and experiencing, with our body as the entrance. We focus on you as a whole. In this therapy form you learn to observe your thoughts and feelings in your body and to experience that it is safe to feel. This gives you a better understanding of yourself. As a result, you can meet your needs and make better choices for your well-being.


How I work

I work from the point of view that body and mind are one. How we feel mentally and emotionally affects our physical condition and vice versa. This then has repercussions on how we interact with other people, on our work environment, but especially on our relationship with ourselves. If we ignore certain emotions or feelings, we lose (life) energy over time. That's when (certain) symptoms can occur. This can be a direct result of ignoring our 'internal' world.


As a massage therapist I look together with you at the story of your body and what it wants to tell you. I guide you in the process of coming from your head into your body, finding the connection between mind and body and thus noticing the signals from your body. I use different massage techniques and movement, the polyvagal theory but also breathing, focus sessions (Eugene Gendlin), conversation and energetic bodywork. I work out of curiosity in my sessions, so there is plenty of room for everything that wants to manifest itself in the moment.

Massage therapy can help with:

  • anxiety or panic

  • feeling restless

  • (unexplained) somatic complaints

  • if you find it difficult to connect with your body

  • symptoms of burnout

  • limiting beliefs about yourself or the world

  • profound experiences that have not been processed

  • if you've done talk therapy and you still feel like you need something 'different'

  • mourning

  • chronic pain

Before the first session I will send an intake form where you'll note down your inquiry. If you can't figure it out on your own, there is enough time in the first session to discuss this together. We then work on a treatment plan that is tailored to your needs.



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