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Deep tissue/fascia massage therapy is a powerful way to loosen your connective tissue and muscles. Stuck areas are massaged slowly and deeply to create more space. I also use less oil so that I can loosen and lengthen the constricted connective tissue. This powerful massage increases flexibility in your tissue, improves your posture and brings your body back into balance.

For whom?

If you have tight muscles

If you have pain in your muscles

If you feel stiffness in your body

For anyone who is physically very active



The Psoas is a muscle group located deep in the abdominal cavity. This muscle connects the spine to the hip joint and femur and is also the only muscle that connects the lower body to the upper body. The Psoas is connected to our nervous system and can therefore influence our psychological and emotional well-being. Long-term stress can cause this muscle to tighten. If this muscle is too tight, complaints can arise in the lower back, groin and hip area, but also constipation, other intestinal complaints or menstrual pain. With this massage your lower back, groin, abdominal area and psoas are massaged. Stretching, stretching and lifting your legs is part of this massage. I also check whether there is tension around your diaphragm.

For whom?

If you have lower back pain

If you experience chronic stress

If you have pain in your SI joint

If you have vague abdominal complaints (menstrual pain, constipation)

If your breathing is chronically high


Relaxation massage is a soft and calm massage focused on physical and mental relaxation. This massage is intended for those who want to relax their body and muscles in a friendly way. This can also relieve pain at the same time. With this massage I mainly work with slow and long movements to relax your body. It has a calming effect on the nervous system, reduces stress and pain and stimulates the body's self-healing capacity.

For whom?

If you are a sensitive person

If you are in a stressful period or just went through one

If you just want to do something nice for your body



This massage is specially tailored to your pregnant body. It is a massage in which I massage less firmly and also avoid certain pressure points. This form of massage therapy is suitable to guide you in this time of change. It can support you in relaxation and if you suffer from minor ailments. When you relax, you produce oxytocin, an important hormone that promotes contractions. I have a table especially for pregnant women, where your belly is well supported, so you can lie comfortably on your stomach. You can come to me from 12 weeks.

For whom?

Pregnant women who want relaxation

Pregnant women who have minor ailments and want extra attention for this

Pregnant women who have difficulty dealing with the emotional and physical change

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